The Live Series


Hostel Earphoria

Welcome to the location of dojoTV's second live music video series: Hostel Earphoria. After The Dojo has passed on it's art space, it is natural that it would find it's new life in a part DIY venue, part recording studio, and part hostel. Hostel welcomes strangers into a home with open arms and attracts a community that is willing to challenge it's own perceptions. With many compartmentalized rooms and outdoor space, it's a perfect fit for The Live Series.

Hostel Earphoria is  located in the Avondale & Logan Square neighbourhood in Chicago, IL.  (Photo by Michael Ran)

Hostel Earphoria is located in the Avondale & Logan Square neighbourhood in Chicago, IL.  (Photo by Michael Ran)



Each video is a collaboration between the video producer, the venue, and the artist based on each of their needs. We kicked off the first video with an NPR Tiny Desk Contest submission for MICHA (aka Michelle Rodriguez). Lucky enough, MICHA was able to land a spot on the NPR Tiny Desk Tour with our submission!

MICHA is a multi-talented vocalist, songwriter, musical theater composer, and actor. Born in Orlando, Florida to Puerto Rican parents and raised in Kirkland, Washington and Lexington, Kentucky, Ms. Rodriguez sings and writes songs that shake your heart and remind you of home in all its forms.

Lulu Be

DojoTV wouldn't be what is without a basement party, and Chicago wouldn't be Chicago without Juke. Lulu Be brought the basement juke dance party & DJ K.O to MC the night. A mic, sweat, & a DJ is all you need. Hostel Earphoria has basement shows monthly, although we though they could use some juke jamz.

Lulu Be is a first generation Ethiopian girl from Chicago. Lulu performs regularly across the city and manages a recording studio.


Flipping the basement show format on its head, the next logical move would be a punk basement set. Like many genre's punk has been white washed in its writing in history. Melanin reminds you that this will no longer be the case. 

Melanin holds all that is true in punk rock. Chicago black & brown punx forever.

Sex No Babies

Working with Hostel Earphoria's very own Sex No Babies warrants using the entire damn house. While drawing inspiration from king sadboi's Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" and some additional technical ambition we decided to to multitrack across the three floors of the house. Plus, with half of the members living at hostel the natural move was to have performances in bedrooms.

Sex No Babies is a DIY Chicago staple, and is fronted by Rahim Salaam, host of the What About Chicago? podcast.


The series started with snow on the ground in early spring, but it didn't take long to break into summer. Filming in the Hostel's garden, before any plants made it out of the ground, we were able to feature the lovely Yomí on a sunny afternoon. Key camerawork for this minimal video was provided by Joey Delisi, who is also featured with the key camera for the MICHA and Kayem performances. 

Yomí is that harpist. Rocking a DI Harp, she mixes bass, FX, and collaborates with others across the city spelling hypnotic and calming stories. 


Anything Dojo is rooted in theatre- or at least expects its audiences to observe like it is. GoreJizz is a spinoff musical theatre entity that brings you a cover of "Dope" by Lady Gaga. GoreJizz holds us all together in an upside-down version of the same living room we opened the series with.

GoreJizz is side project of Doctor Death Crush's gifted vocalist & performer, Violet.

Kayem with Bassel & The Supernaturals

The natural role of dojoTV's artist endeavours is to build community and break down barriers. Utilizing the front porch and entire first floor, we put our technical skills to the test when teaming up with our most established artists yet.

Kayem is son of a Libyan revolutionary, Kayem is a Chicago-based hip hop artist who was born into the struggle. His father was a political prisoner who helped form a pro-democracy movement after escaping prison.

Bassel & The Supernaturals are a Chicago soul staple, always holding a light to the Syrian struggle.