dojoTV is a grassroots media platform!

Focused on pushing DIY & underground culture forward, dojoTV aims to amplify marginalized voices, rethink representation in media, and explore new media methods. If you would like to produce content for or thru dojoTV send us a message!


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dojoTV's Live Series is a site-specific live music video series

Drawing inspiration from NPR' Tiny Desk Concert , The Blogotheque, and Chicago's own JBTV, The Dojo's natural progression into media involves live music.

The Live Series bi-annually partners with different  Chicago art spaces and develops a live performance concept with the artists it partners with. dojoTV's first Live Series featured three artists at The Dojo's former DIY space.

This spring, dojoTV is releasing its second installment partnered with art space Hostel Earphoria featuring seven performances. 

Check out the entire series and a little details about how it all went down.


dojoTV Culture Coverage

Beginning summer 2018, dojoTV will be producing short-form social media documentaries on cultural events & happenings with an emphasis on latinx communities. Stay tuned for simple blog-like posts.

The first piece covered this year's "Concert Without Borders" on the border of the U.S. & Mexico with a stage on either side of the wall.


Comedy & Commentary

dojoTV is producing short-form work through comedy & narrative. With an emphasis on amplifying voices of color, dojoTV is proud to bring you a few upcoming projects!

Stephen is Concerned: a social media series featuring comedian & educator Stephen Wilkes expressing the absurdity of modern life.

Preach! Improv: dojoTV will be live streaming Preach! Improv's live variety & improv show at iO Theatre at 8pm each Friday in July. See the show live & use the promo code:"Showlove"

DONATE TO SUPPORT!    Email to inform us which project you want to back and how you would like your support to be used.


Email to inform us which project you want to back and how you would like your support to be used.

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dojoTV is at the beginning stages of establishing itself. Below are the projects that could use financial support. If you have any kind of resources to support any of these projects please reach out or donate. Check it!

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